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Pluggio is a web-based social media dashboard that lets
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  • - Support for multiple team members
  • - Organize Twitter with streams - never miss anything again
  • - Friend Finder - get more and better followers
  • - Content streams - great content to share, brought straight to you
  • - Realtime performance stats - see your growth and follower engagement
  • - Bulk schedule up to 100 posts at a time using a spreadsheet
  • - Plug in to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
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Scheduled tweets are the best way to keep a constant presence on Twitter - and stay fresh in the minds of your followers - without spending all day online.

The Pluggio Schedule feature makes it easy to schedule posts to your social networks in advance, and keep track of your scheduled posts, saving you valuable time.  Once a post is scheduled, you can easily edit, change the date / time to be published, or delete the post from your schedule.

When you just want to spread out your posts without tediously
setting a date and time for each one...


Pluggio brings you a great feature called "Dripfeed" - add articles, pictures and videos to a message queue (or buffer), and they will be posted throughout the day at intervals you specify. Your Dripfeed can post messages to Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn.

• Add tweets or messages to your Dripfeed with one click.

• Easily see how many articles are in the Dripfeed and when your last Dripfeed message will be posted.

• Many people use the Dripfeed to queue up weeks of content posts in advance. This saves lots of time and helps maintain a constant social media presence.

Integration with
Content Discovery

Many people use Pluggio’s Content Stream feature to find news stories, articles, and other great content they want to share with their friends and followers, and they want to schedule those articles to post at intervals they decide.

Once you've setup your custom content feeds, easily Dripfeed any article in one click, or specify a date and time you'd like it to be published.

Browser Extensions

Using the Pluggio button and browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, share any page in seconds!