Curate Social Content

If you've been looking for a tool to help you power through
social content curation... you've found it.

Unparallelled social CMS tool:

  • - Easily curate, and many more.
  • - Curate news searches, Twitter feeds, RSS feeds and others.
  • - Flag items as interesting, posted or ignored.
  • - Post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • - Unprecedented granular control over what gets posted when.
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  • Pluggio is simply the best Twitter content management tool that I've used.
    Jamie Crager, Infogroup +84,000 followers
  • Pluggio helps me cultivate a vibrant, community around big brands...
    Zane Aveton, @zaneology +8,300 followers
  • I've tried all the other Twitter clients. Nothing compares to Pluggio, it keeps me sane!
    Gina Stark, @suuperg +82,000 followers