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Pluggio helps me cultivate a vibrant, community around big brands & original/web tv programming!

Zane Aveton, @zaneology

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Lover of Social Media and All Things Awesome

Zane Aveton is a deliverer of Big Brand SOCIAL MOJO!

What do you do?

“I am a Digital Strategist focused on cultivating interestingly vibrant and engaging communities around big brands, artists, musicians and original/web tv programming.”

How does Pluggio help you with your job?

“Pluggio is fast and easy to use, offering me double bang for my effort buck (less keystrokes + more output = efficiency). I consider Pluggio to be the truest definition of a "tool" because it is expertly designed, feature rich and independently customizable allowing me to program it to how it will work best for me ~ and when I say "customizable", I really mean UBER-customizable. I can create multiple profiles with individual settings for services that can be unique across all platforms for uploading photos, posting to Facebook (both Personal and Brands Pages), and the ability to to use a different and/or custom pro on every profile (huge!). It's quick and easy to share across all my profiles or a select few.

The best digital brand managers are those who provide the most value to their community via presence and content. A Social Media management tool that enables keen content accessibility, ease of curation and smart delivery options is a must-have for any community manager. With Pluggio, I set up the RSS feeds specific to each brand's and then I simply open Pluggio and "sit in the pocket" ~ replying, reading, sourcing and sharing the best tweets, posts, commentary and articles that will provide the most value to our communities and to those we wish to attract to our community. Also, as many rapid-fire power users of Social Networks know, it's pretty easy to overwhelm your audience with too much awesome too fast - not to mention those times when many of us are creating, reading and sharing when a large contingency of our audience is asleep, working or offline. I require less sleep than most, which is why Pluggio's dripfeed and scheduled tweets comes in quite handy. ”

What do you think of Pluggio compared to competitors?

“What drew me to Pluggio immediately was how smartly designed the user interface was and how it actually worked with me. For those of us who work on the Internet daily, apps and tools are a dime a dozen and we have tried them all to some extent. While many of them are great tools and many share the same features, I have not found ONE tool that has all the awesome all in one place ~ from features to design to user interface. User interface is a big factor when you have to work in a app or tool all day and I distinctly remember the first time I used Pluggio (December, 2008) ~ because it was such a surprisingly enjoyable (and productive!) experience. Pluggio spoiled me from the first time I used it and thought to myself 'Hmmm...I love this, but I'd like it to over here' - and it actually allowed me to simply drag and drop items to where they made sense to me and how I wanted to work. To me, that meant their development team was thinking about me and how I would use it. Typically, when you come across an app or tool that is designed for the USER that delivers results with a gratifying user interface and experience, it's like a gold mine that will continue to produce wonderful (and needed!) treasures. ”

Do you think Pluggio is worth the cost?

“I absolutely think Pluggio is worth the cost. There are other tools which are similar, but it is a bit like comparing delicious apples to yummy oranges because as I mentioned earlier, while are are somewhat delectable, I have not found one tool that has everything Pluggio offers me wrapped in such an efficient and well designed interface. When it comes to cost and giving advice on spending money for any app or management tool, I first suggest that people identify the features they really want and why ~ then take a look at the people in your industry that you respect who do what you do (or what you want to do!) and ask them what they like best about what they are using. Just like you asked me and here I am writing out multiple paragraphs of "WHY I LOVE PLUGGIO" ~ most people who true fans of a tool they use for business are quite vigilant and vocal when they find something that works. Then, it's important to take crowd sourced opinion and combine with the USE of the tool. That is why I am a big fan of trial periods or some type of free version of the account that allows a real test. Using all the other tools is exactly how I learned what is most important to me and is why some services/tools are worth paying for. I choose to pay for Pluggio because it truly makes me better at my job.

I might add, I am very picky when it comes to tools I personally use or advocate ~ especially when I choose to pay for a service while there are so many free ones out there ~ and for me, Pluggio is not only the winner as a tool in features, user experience, support and service, but also in value. ”

(Editors note: We did not pay Zane to say this!)