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I love Pluggio! It's been my social swiss-army-knife for over two years!

Thomas Clifford, @tommytrc

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Build Personal Brand, Keep 120k+ Followers Engaged 24/7

@tommytrc is a Twitter super user with more than 120,000 followers and on more than 2,500 Twitter lists. We called Tommy and asked him some questions about Pluggio.

What do you do? Why do you use Twitter?

“I'm digital development manager at H.C. Miller. I use Twitter because I love it! A by product is I'm building my personal brand. By having a strong personal brand it makes me more employable and helps me build credibility within my industry - which has all sorts of perks.”

How does Pluggio help you?

“I use Pluggio to keep my followers up to date 24/7 on what I think is good information. I use it to manage my daily Twitter work-flow. I use it to keep track of my RSS feeds and drip feed Tweets without overwhelming my followers. I love the fact that even if I'm away from my computer, people still get stuff and the conversation still continues. I love the RSS feed management. I love the ability to send out to different social networks concurrently. I love the general interface I find all the "Tweeting" features more useful than other clients. Many times I will use Tweetdeck to watch the tweet streams fly by, and when something catches my attention I use Pluggio to focus in and manage the conversation. I always have both apps running at the same time. I love the ability to use Pluggio to manage my direct inbox and keep it clean. I love the notification numbers that let me know where I need to take action. I think it's fair to say I just love Pluggio!”

What do you think of Pluggio compared to competitors?

“Other clients can do a lot of what Pluggio does, but in my opinion they are not as simple and efficient to use. As a power user it's important to me to save keystrokes and mouse clicks. It makes all the difference. I've found no other tool that does what Pluggio does as easily as it does it. Also, there are many times that I get API errors with other desktop tools where Pluggio still works without a problem.”

Do you think Pluggio is worth the cost?

“Absolutely. Pluggio solves a big Problem I have. I think tools that solve my problems are worth paying for. Pluggio definately falls into that category!”