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I've tried all the other Twitter clients. Nothing compares to Pluggio, it keeps me sane!

Gina Stark, @suuperg

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Maintain Life Balance and Connect with 82k+ Followers

@SuuperG is a Twitter power user with more than 82,000 followers. We called SuuperG and asked her some questions about Pluggio.

What do you do? Why do you use Twitter?

“I'm a Social Media fiend, avid traveler & blogger. I use Twitter because I love it!”

How does Pluggio help you?

“Pluggio makes Twitter so much easier! I use it as my main Twitter client. I love the way I only ever have one simple column of relevant information. I can quickly setup and switch between all my different lists, users and searches. I can thank people for RT's, and reply to people super quickly. I sometimes get up to 400 @ mentions a day, and Pluggio is the only software that enables me to deal with that level of interaction and stay sane. When I was just using Twitter I had so many folks to answer, when I answered I would flood people with my all my tweets in one go. Now I can answer them all without flooding because of Pluggio's rolling schedule. It keeps my tweet stream healthy. People who follow me think I never leave my home... but actually because of Pluggio I can maintain my Twitter stream and have a life!”

What do you think of Pluggio compared to competitors?

“I've tried all the other Twitter clients. For me, nothing compares to Pluggio. The clients with multiple columns don't suit my way of thinking. There's just too much information on the screen at one time.”

Do you think Pluggio is worth the cost?

“Yes! When I first started using Twitter I became obsessed and was Tweeting all day every day. But pretty soon I realized that was a bit too much. I was so happy when I found Pluggio because it brought balance back to my life, and allows my followers to see the same level of activity from me.”