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Pluggio saves me hours of time scanning and retweeting useful information to my followers!

Terri Zwierzynski,

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Save Hours Curating Content and Boosting Following

Terri Zwierzynski is the owner of We asked Terri some questions about Pluggio.

What does do?

“ finds trusted business coaches and consultants for anyone who is a solo entrepreneur. It promotes their virtual classes, articles, ebooks and other resources. I oversee all of the contributors and content for the website and our social media outreach.”

How does Pluggio help you with your job?

“Pluggio saves me hours of time scanning and retweeting useful information to my followers! Pluggio's rolling scheduling feature, combined with the 'one stream at a time' design, makes it easy for me to scan my trusted sources, find and edit what I want to retweet or respond to, and add it to the rolling schedule. I can schedule hours of tweets in just 10-20 minutes, and I'm not overwhelming my followers with too many tweets at one time. I love how it uses Twitter lists to help me focus on a particular group of sources, or search on a particular term or hashtag. I've used it during conferences to keep up with the online conversation. I also consider the Friend Finder to be the best growth tool I have right now. My Twitter follower numbers used to grow by themselves, but then they leveled off for a long time. Now with the Friend Finder I'm growing my follower list again!”

What do you think of Pluggio compared to competitors?

“I'd used other tools to try to spread out the information I share via Twitter, but they were cumbersome... I'd have to specify exactly what time I wanted to send each tweet. Plus I had to look for the content outside of those tools. Pluggio puts it all at my fingertips and makes it super-easy to plan my tweets.”

Do you think Pluggio is worth the cost?

“I'd never paid for a social media tool before Pluggio, but it wasn't a tough decision to make. For a few bucks a month I save hours of time. It's definitely worth it!”