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Pluggio allows me to do all the things I've learned I HAVE to do to manage an effective social media account.

Paul Stark, The Monterey Company

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Manage Social Presence, and Get Work Done

Paul Stark is a owner of The Monterey Company (custom coins, medals and lapels). We called Paul and asked him some questions about Pluggio.

What does The Monterey Company do?

“We make custom coins, medals and lapels for companies who would like to give something to their employes as recognition. We do work for lots of different types of organizations from corporate business to the military. We've been operating since 1988.”

How does Pluggio help you with your job?

“In one way Twitter is simple because it's only 140 characters, but in another way it's complicated if you want to manage and maintain a Twitter presence for business. We use Pluggio because it's the most simple tool we found for the job. When I first started using Twitter for business I looked at a number of different options for managing multiple accounts. Pluggio allows me to easily do all the things I've learned I HAVE to do to manage an effective social media account. For example Pluggio makes it very easy to thank people via re-tweets by clicking on multiple images. It tells me who I need to respond to when I first log in. It allows me to interact with people in a way that looks and feels natural while also saving me time. Pluggio Friend Finder makes it easy to follow and un-follow users with a minimal amount of effort. The friend suggestions are always good quality. I love Twitter. It could easily suck up hours of my time... but I also have a business to run! Pluggio lets me engage AND get work done.”

What do you think of Pluggio compared to competitors?

“I tried the big dashboard apps and they don't compare to Pluggio! I can see why other people might like the multiple stream dashboards but personally I prefer the way Pluggio is laid out. I find it much more efficient and less confusing to use. The simple layout also helps me cut down on time which is a big factor for me.”

Do you think Pluggio is worth the cost?

“For what it does, I think it doesn't cost enough... but I probably shouldn't tell you that!”