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Pluggio is simply the best Twitter relationship & content management tool that I've used.

Jamie Crager

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Quickly & Easily Manage 84k+ Followers

Jamie Crager is Licensing Account Director for Infogroup. We asked Jamie some questions about Pluggio.

What do you do?

“I'm Licensing Account Director for Infogroup (provider of business and consumer marketing databases). I also provide Interactive Media consulting & training through my website Crowdshifter features a blog, podcast and other resources to help SMBs succeed online through interactive media, digital marketing and relationship management. One of the primary ways I help is through my twitter account @JamieCrager where besides building relationships, I try to aggregate and share relevant information that is helpful to my followers.”

How does Pluggio help you?

“Pluggio is simply the best Twitter relationship & content management tool that I've used. It allows me to quickly and easily manage over 84,000 followers while maintaining relationships with a smaller segment. I love the rolling schedule - which is much more practical than scheduling tweets. I like being able to click on pictures to quickly add them for thank you's & mentions. I like the way I can select accounts listed down the side for easy management, the RSS feed integration for content sharing, integration to share across multiple social networks. I also like the useful one click options that appear when you hover over someone you follow. Over all, Pluggio gives me everything I need in one place, with a simple interface that allows me to make the best use of my time and manage relationships - which of course is the most important thing to me.”

What do you think of Pluggio compared to competitors?

“Hands down, I think Pluggo is the best relationship & content management tool for Twitter. I do use a few other tools as well either because of availability, such as on my iPad and Blackberry. There are times when I do need a multiple panel view & some other features, however 99.9% of what I need is found in Pluggio so almost all of my time is spent there.”

Do you think Pluggio is worth the cost?

“Yes! For what you receive & can do, its worth every penny!”