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Pluggio's simple solution allows me to disperse my tweets through the day in one 30 minute session.

Chris Lee, Evol Burritos

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Keep Evol Burritos Social Buzz Alive and Kicking!

Chris Lee is the social voice for Evol Burritos. Chris uses Pluggio to easily focus on conversations, manage relationships and organize content. We called Chris and asked him some questions about Pluggio.

What do you (and Evol Burritos) do?

“Evol Burritos are all natural, organic, frozen Burritos. We like to think we're the best tasting Burrito offered in the freezer section at your local market. My role with Evol Burrito's is to act as the brand voice. I'm constantly communicating with customers to keep the Evol Burritos buzz alive and kicking! I have a lot of fun engaging with customers and other brands on Facebook and Twitter.”

How does Pluggio help you with your job?

“I spend 30 minutes to 1 hour on any given day and schedule my Tweets to keep a constant stream of communication going, and then during the day I check in to follow up on live conversation. I started out by using but when I posted all my Tweets they were overwhelming my followers with to many tweets at once. I was very glad to find Pluggio's simple solution that allows me to disperse my tweets through the day in one 30 minute session. Pluggio also makes it easy for me to stagger interactions with people because they can overwhelm the tweet stream too! Also, before I started with Pluggio it was hard to track the effects of my Tweets. Now I find it very easy to see what's happened to everything I've posted and follow up with conversations and keep track of relationships.”

What do you think of Pluggio compared to competitors?

“I found the user interface on Pluggio very easy to work with right from the beginning. Other apps have the multiple streams which are hard to follow and overwhelming. In my job I need to easily focus on single conversations and manage relationships, nothing compares to Pluggio for that.”

Do you think Pluggio is worth the cost?

“For everything that it does for me... It's worth every penny!”