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Luigi Fumagalli, Designrfix

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Save 4 Hours a Day, Increase Following by 6000

Luigi Fumagalli runs Designrfix (a blog for designers, by designers). We called Luigi and asked him some questions about Pluggio.

What is Designrfix?

“ is a blog for designers by designers. It's an open community and blog where designers can swap & share design inspirations.”

How does Pluggio help you with your job?

“I spent months looking around the web for a program that does what Pluggio does! We have a lot of content submitted to our blog. I needed to select and curate the very best stories and then schedule them for posting to Facebook & Twitter. With Pluggio it's easy to do with just one click. I just plug in my RSS feeds and then use the workflow to schedule the stories. I really like Pluggio's easy scheduling options because it makes it easy not to flood my followers, and spread the tweets out throughout the day. I have so many stories submitted to my site, Pluggio saves me about 4 hours a day because of it's simple workflow! I also think Friend Finder is excellent. We've grown our following from 4,000 to 11,000 within 6 months! I'm very happy with that functionality. I know there are other tools that does that but Pluggio is not spammy and feels more organic.”

What do you think of Pluggio compared to competitors?

“I have used other products but I didn't find any that worked as well for what I need in my business. The Pluggio interface is simple with no unnecessary bells and whistles. It does exactly what I need.”

Do you think Pluggio is worth the cost?

“This is the first time that I've ever paid for a tool of this kind. It's that good!”