About Pluggio

What is Pluggio?

Pluggio is a secure, web-based system to help individuals, businesses, organizations and marketers easily grow and manage their social media profiles. It includes a suite of tools to organize and keep track of multiple accounts, get more followers, and automate the finding and publishing of excellent targeted content.

Our Story

Originally known as TweetMiner, Pluggio was created in 2009 by Justin Vincent (@justinvincent) to solve a personal problem he had with Tweeting thought leading content to his followers.

He found the process of manually scouring the internet for content and then copy pasting it into Twitter to be tedious. His followers also complained that he posted too many Tweets in one go. To solve this problem he built a system that allowed a user to enter multiple RSS feeds and manually curate them to dripfeed content to Twitter at a regular intervals of 60 minutes.

Justin maintains and supports Pluggio on an ongoing basis.

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